Lure Coursing

lcssLure coursing is a fun and exciting Event.  Dogs love it!  To start training, you can start your puppy/dog by chasing a plastic bag attached to a long stick and give the command “Get the bunny” this enables the dog to keen on the lure.  Always praise your dog when he catches the “bunny”. After some practice your dog will be ready for some short straights at a practice course with a local lure club. In the Seattle area you can contact http://www.geocities.com/cascadecoursing/ Carol Chittum is the president and she believes in positive reinforcement and to train the dog at it’s own pace. Make sure your dog is in good physical condition!  Eventually your dog will be running multiple times at events with courses sometimes upwards of a thousand yards.  Be sure to bring water and crates for your dogs, most events do not allow flexi leads.

For those new to the sport:  Lure Coursing is a performance event in which dogs in eleven eligible sight hound breeds and over one year of age, compete by chasing a lure (plastic bags) on a pulley system laid on the ground.  There is both the AKC and ASFA associations which hold trials in the North West and nationally.  The dogs are judged on endurance, speed, agility, follow, and overall ability.  They can be entered in one of three categories in the Trial: Open, Specials, and Veteran. Before competing in the Trial a dog must first have earned it’s Junior Courser title (AKC definition) by completing in two Tests successfully and for ASFA trials.  For ASFA the dog must run with the same breed or similar style before an ASFA judge completing 500 yards with at least four turns completing the course without any tendency of interfering with the other dogs.
By process of elimination there will be one dog who will go Best in Breed and then compete again against the other Best of Breed winners until there is one Best in Field.

Lure coursing is a great way to spend some time with your dog, meet new people and enjoy the beauty of watching the athleticism of the dogs we love.

“Tally Ho!

Congratulations to the all our NWRRs who will have great Lure Coursing success in 2011!