Our club held its first Obedience and Rally Specialty at the Puyallup Dog Show June 11th.  We had the good fortune to have Mr. Christopher Cornell be the trial judge for both Obedience and Rally.  All those that helped put the Trial on did a wonderful job, and all the participants had a great time.  Club members with qualifying scores were Kim Acker with Jackson, NFC FC Calico Ridge Lionhearted Hero  CD, BN, RAE, CGCU.  They qualified in Novice Obedience, Rally Obedience Advanced B and Excellent B.  Lorraine Pedersen and her dog Zak (Jesmyster Exactly Right Kito) earned a qualifying score in Beginner Novice Obedience B.  Also qualifying in Beginner Novice B was Pat Hess and Pepper, GCH Windana Songbird’s Red Pepper  MC, RN, NA, NAJ.

Qualifying in Rally Obedience Novice A and earning their first leg, was Mary Mattix with Finn, Thornberry Power Play Brenmar  JC.   Sharee Schreiner and Lita ( FC Coso’s Litabathsheba Amore Mio  MC, RE, CGCA ) earned their first leg of Rally Advanced Excellent, qualifying in both Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent.

Club President Sarah Smith-Falkner earned qualifying scores with her Basenjis in Rally Novice B and Beginner Novice A.  Congratulations to all the participants!

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