NWRRC June 7 Minutes


NWRRC June 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes    NEXT MEETING AT WWHA SATURDAY SHOW -after RRs compete.

The general meeting was called to order at 11:30AM at the Puyallup Fairgrounds by the President Sarah Smith Falkner.       Members present were Sarah Smith Falkner, Pat Hess, Marykay Ligocki, Becky Dominik, Sharee Schreiner, Karen McClelland, Elizabeth Moattar, Bruce Hubbert, Joe Piott and Jillyn Myers.         Minutes from the last meeting were approved as posted to the web site.

President’s Report:   President Sarah Smith Falkner reiterated that we are trying to shorten up our meetings and make them a little more fun and interesting and keep politics out.       As a result of this we are getting more new members all the time.

Corresponding Secretary Report:  First reading of 3 new applicants:

Aimee Hart   Sponsor – Marykay Ligocki

1807   11th Ave W

Seattle, WA 98119

206 718-7470     aimeehart@gmail.com


Lauren and Jon Beyer     Sponsor – Marykay Ligocki

2514 NE 102nd Ave

Portland, OR 97220

703-338-8125     lauren@bluskye.net


Christa and Mark Neumann   Sponsor – Catherine Schock

2621 S. Corbin Circle

Greenacres, WA 99016

509 928-1805     christas@mneumann.net


Second Reading for applicant who was then voted in.


Annie Carver     Sponsor – Sarah Smith Falkner

1742 E. 4th Street

Port Angeles, WA 98262

360-912-1121       olympicguardianridgebacks@gmail.com


Treasurer’s Report    We currently have $13,000.00 in the bank but there are some checks for the ASFA Invitational that need to be mailed out.


Old Business:     Sarah Smith Falkner said that NWRRC has been approved to hold an obedience/rally A Match at Puyallup in 2016.       This is in conjunction with EBC.

The NWRRC July ASFA event has been cancelled due to some equipment problems and lack of membership help at these LC trials.     The ASFA II made NWRRC enough money to repair equipment and hold us over until our next LC event which will be in 2016.

Marykay Ligocki said the ASFA II was great and everyone had a good time.     Marykay said she also wanted to thank everyone for their generous donations for the raffle and raffles at prior trials.   Elaine Monzen (new member) also organized and ran the raffles. The club received thank you letters from Jason Holmberg, Jacqueline Koski, Laurie Gregory, Aimee Hart, Catherine Comroe, Laurel Behnke, Lorraine Abel, Allie Nobel, Tabitha Perry, Sharon Brune, among others, plus from several of the current club members, thanking us for a great trial.

The new field is at the horse facility in Ethel, WA that was used for the II is great.   It was the first dog event there and they were happy with us.     They made it clear they would like to work with us again.

We had attendees from 16 states and many people put in a lot of time and effort both before and during the trial.   Help came from other clubs and from NWRRC and from some RR people who are thinking of joining our club.


Jeff Falkner, Sarah Smith-Falkner and Beth Levine did an incredible amount of work before and during the trial. Kristen Nelson (whippet) assisted Beth’s trial secretary duties the days of the event. Lure operators Bryan Gregory, Gene Hill, Nick Psias, and Gary Runyan were an all-star cast of lure operators. Joe Piott, Rick Billeau, and ?? helped keep the equipment running. Stephanie McLeod (IGs and ibizians) was the very efficient paddock master all weekend. The silken windhound club provided everyone with awesome welcome bags. Janelle Olsen (Pharaoh hounds) organized the Saturday night dinner – and reorganized it into a buffet near the field when the trial ran late. Dean Wright was a very over-qualified go-fer all weekend who kept the scores coming in immediately after each run.


If anyone has an activity or event they think NWRRC should hold please contact Sarah or Marykay.     Marykay is also looking for suggestions on how to make being a club member a benefit.


New Business:   Jillyn Myers received a thick package of information on how to run the National Specialty in 2017 – as in Who does What and When.       Nancy Moore is doing the Logo for the Specialty.


Sarah Smith Falkner moved the meeting be adjourned and Marykay seconded the motion and all approved.


Pat Hess

Treasurer/Recording Secretary




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