Meeting Minutes from Monroe

NWRRC Meeting Minutes

Monroe show, 11/15/14

Meeting called to order 12:48

Attendees:  Joe Piott, Karen McClelland, Debbie Colter (sp?), Sarah Smith-Falkner, Marykay Ligocki, Debbie Brower, Goodrun Utz, Betsy Metcalf, guest Barb Turpin

Treasury report attached.  Last set of minutes approved.

Rescue:  Need new good foster homes!!!  Currently looking for fosters for 11 & 6 yr old spayed females and 3 neutered males.

New Members:  Karen McClelland and Leanne Norbeth and her husband were voted in at the last meeting.  Karen said that they had not been notified.  (Sarah (?) said that she would make sure that Leanne knew.)

First reading for:

Richard and Sharon Billeau (sponsored by Pat Hess).  They live in Marysville, WA.  They are very interested in lure coursing (Richard helped out at the NLCC on Saturday.)  They are currently looking for a puppy.

Kevin and Heidi Brenneman (sponsored by Becky Dominik).  They live in Tigard, OR.  They have a rescue boy and a new show pup (from Debbie Brower) who they will be showing.

When Pigs Fly seminar was a big success.  It made money and went over really well.  Jennifer Weikel submitted a summary of the weekend.  Consensus was agreement in Jennifer’s looking into holding another one in a couple years.  (She books very far out.)

Lure coursing dates for 2015:

March 1 – ASFA, split weekend with EBC, one day trial/ CAT tests

April 4 & 5 – AKC, new field in Monroe

May 16 & 17 – ASFA II – see below

July 25 & 26 – ASFA (already have judges, etc)

II:  Jeff Faulkner, Ping (last name?) and Brenda Phillips will be co-field chairs.  Will use the new Monroe field.  Since Carol stepped down as chairperson, there are now lots of other clubs offering their help.  We would like to get more people involved from the various sighthound clubs – if you know anyone who might be interested, please talk to them.  More details will be included in an email to the board.  People in charge of the various committees will be arranging for the people they need.

Debbie Peterson (an AKC conformation judge whose first breed is afghans) volunteered, barring a conflict with an already scheduled judging assignment, to set up a conformation judge mentoring at the II.  When she did this for the NLCC a few years ago, not one single judge showed up.  However, the AKCs new judge approval system now specifically encourages attending this type of event and counts it towards their getting their judging license.  Marykay will contact her with the dates.

Old business – we had planned to have an RR specific rally/obedience fun match at the Monroe show (trying to get things in place to be able to have a shared official competition with EBC for a rally/obedience trial at the Puyallup show).  AKC decided that they needed a bunch of additional paperwork over what they had requested originally.  Because their AKC committee only meets once a month, they did not get it processed in time for us to hold the match.  We discussed holding a stand alone match.  Discussed possible locations.  Richland?

New Business:

Discussed having a breed booth at the Rose City shows.  Kathy Thompson is willing to chair it again, but helpers are needed.  Sounded like people were willing, but we need people to actually show up.  It’s only a couple hours and is fun.  It’s nice to have a few puppies and RRs of different ages for the public to meet.  Please let Kathy know if you will be willing and available.

2017 National specialty – NWRRC is turning in a bid to hold the 2017 national specialty in Portland.  It looks like we will be the only ones submitting a bid.  Nancy Faville and Jillyn Myers would be co-chairs.  They have already arranged for the hotel, but are still looking for a lure coursing field.

It was suggested (Betsy Metcalf?) that NWRRC have a Facebook page.  Most clubs currently have one.  All agreed that it was a good idea.  (I didn’t write down who motioned and seconded or who volunteered to set it up.)

Everyone please remember to submit your genetic samples for the hearing test.  They only run them in groups of 500 and lots of people have not returned their kits.  This is a great opportunity to get this test run at a token cost.  It is an easy cheek swab – no blood samples required – and there is no down side of getting this test run.  This is something we have needed for decades.  Deafness in RRs is not the same as in any other breed and does not show up until after puppies have gone to their new homes.  When the research money is used up, the price is going to go way up.

Meeting dates for 2015:

January – Puyallup

March – Seattle

June – annual meeting Puyallup (II is fun day weekend this year)

July – ASFA trial

September – ?

November – Monroe

Meeting was adjourned at 11:10.  Debbie Brower motioned; Karen McClelland seconded.

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