A Memorial Tribute…

     The Brag page was set up to showcase the accomplishments of our fabulous hounds, but that which brings such joy can also bring much heartache.  Lorraine Pedersen lost her beloved Kamili recently, and wanted to share a Memorial tribute to him.


We lost our beloved Kamili on Tuesday, 10/28/14.  I waited a year for him to be conceived, born, and brought into our home.  I carried him everywhere until he got too big.  From the very beginning, he was  a happy, active dog and all his life, he loved other dogs.  He had a special something that other dogs liked and trusted, even dogs that were afraid of other dogs.  He was everything I was looking for in a ridgeback – we did obedience, conformation, lure coursing, tracking, rally and we tried barn hunting and took an agility class, though never competed.  His death was sudden and unexpected, as he had been lively and active until the last two weeks of his life, when he was in an up-and-down battle with pain.  In the end, he knew I was with him – I came back just to be with him.  Mark, Teddy and I were able to at least say good-by to our precious special boy.

His name was Swahili for Flawless, which exactly described his temperament.  He was my loyal shadow and fierce guardian, but loving and silly with his inner circle.

Rest in peace and run with the big dogs.

Forever missed by Lorraine, Mark, Teddy, and all the friends he made in his lifetime

AM/CAN CH Beaubijou’s Kito of Armagh, HIC, CGC, JC, TT, CD, and two legs on his RN  “Kamili”

3/10/04 – 10/28/14



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