NWRRC Meeting May 18, 2014  

Meeting called to order at 12:35PM by President, Debbie Brower

Attendees:  Sarah Smith Falkner, Jeff Falkner, Debbie Brower, Pat Hess, Jennie & Joe Piott, Marykay Ligocki, Kathy Thompson, Elizabeth Moattar, Carlos and Debbie Atencio, Norah Ormerod, Karen McClelland, Shirley Wait, Sue Trilling, Leanne Norseth, Toni Wales, Patricia Baxter Moore and Dani, Angie Feeser

Debbie Brower  announced that off leash play, herding and lure coursing were going to continue after lunch and that the Raffle would take place at 2PM.

Committee Reports

Treasurer Report:   Pat Hess announced that we did well at the last four coursing events and made $800 on those events.    The bank balance is $7200.

Lure Coursing:    Sarah Smith Falkner announced that on this weekend in 2015 most of the NWRRC members will be working the ASFA II at Meadowbrook Farms.      Our RR club put in a bid and won and this is the first II on the West Coast.      Dogs need 20 ASFA points in order to run at the Invitational.  NWRRC has reserved the playing field at Fido Farms for the Sunday after Mother’s Day  next year for anyone who might wish to bring their ridgebacks out to play.

June 28-29 NWRRC is holding an AKC LC trial in Auburn

July 27-28 NWRRC ASFA trial at Roy, WA

Rescue:    Marysue Hildebrandt  was not at the meeting but did leave a rescue report which is attached to these minutes.    We need Foster homes and have 9 dogs in rescue right now.

Applicants Edith and Gary Gidley were voted into the membership.     Their sponsor is Kathy Thompson.

First reading of application for Karen McClelland – sponsor Pat Hess.

First reading of application for Peter and Leanne Norseth – sponsor Marykay Ligocki.


The new slate of officers is

Sarah Smith Falkner President

Debbie Brower – Vice President

Pat Hess – Treasurer/Recording Secretary

Jeff Falkner – Corresponding Secretary

As there were no nominations from the floor in past meetings the new slate of officers was voted in.

Unfinished Business

When Pig’s Fly Seminar has been put together by Jennifer Weikel.      Flyers were at the AGM and are posted on the NWRRC WebSite.       Topics will be Manners and Obedience with Sunday being Agility.  A comment was made that we might want to look into a Host Hotel.

Barn Hunt

There are some barns in the Shelton area that are being checked out.


All effort regarding AKC Conformation Licensing has been put on hold due to lack of help and commitment by the membership.

Future Meetings

WWHA on August 2

Monroe Show in November.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:50PM



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