Minutes from the January meeting at Portland

Northwest Rhodesian Ridgeback Club General Meeting
Portland Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon Show
January 18, 2014

Roll Call
Members Present: Debbie Brower, Sarah and Jeff Falkner, Joe and Jennie Piott, Betsy Metcalf, Marykay Ligocki, Becky Dominik, Bruce Hubbert, Kathy Thompson, Sharee Schreiner, Teri Kruse, Gale Severson, Jillyn Meyers, Jennifer Weikel and Mary Mattix  Guests Present:  Holly Simon
The meeting was called to order by President, Debbie Brower at 1:10pm following judging of Ridgebacks at the Portland Show.  

Minutes of Last Meeting
Sarah moved that minutes of the November meeting held at Monroe be approved.  Minutes were approved as distributed and published.

Report of the President and Treasurer
The President distributed copies of the Treasurer’s report as provided by the Treasurer, Pat Hess.  Sarah Falkner, Vice President, stated that membership dues need to be paid and that she had deposit slips if anyone wanted to pay their dues at the meeting.  There was a question about the payment for the Breeder’s Directory.  After the meeting Pat Hess stated that we are doing the Breeder’s list every year.  It was agreed that the deadline for the membership dues would be extended to the end of February only for this year.

Report of the Corresponding Secretary
Jeff stated that a motion was made by Marykay Ligocki to support Jeffrey Falkner (ASFA Region 1 Director) to attend the 2014 ACOD meeting as the club did last year.  The motion was approved by electronic voting of the Board of Directors.

Committee Reports

Oregon Rescue is attempting to assist with a breeder placement of a 19 month old where the owners didn’t take the dog to classes like they were told.
Lure Coursing
NWRRC will share the first weekend in March with the Evergreen Basinji Club at Argus.  This will be an ASFA trial with CAT testing both days.
NWRRC will have another ASFA lure trial on the last weekend in July at the Polo field at Roy.  Both days will include CAT testing.
NWRRC will hold an AKC lure trial on the first weekend of April at Meadowbrook.  This is changed from the last weekend of October due to the AKC National lure coursing championship being held in WA.  This weekend change is for 2014 only.  Sarah is to be commended for completing the plans and preparations for these trials.

Jeff noted that Debb Meyer is the new scheduling chair for ASFA.

Election of new members
There was a second reading for Debi and Ron Colton.  They are from Woodinville and are interested in Conformation, Obedience, Agility and Lure Coursing.  They were elected to membership.

Unfinished Business

Web Site
Web Site is located at www.nwrrc.net.  We need to pay Beth Levine $100 for the work she has done on the website and we need to subscribe to pay for the software.  The web  site will continue to be improved.

Conformation License
Joe distributed information about the conformation match with details about the Hound Club experience.  He said the B match and the A match need to be six months apart.  He said we need to do things well and suggested that we get help from the Hound Club.  He also said that Bill Russell would be willing for us to do this in January, an hour after Best in Show.  We could also plan a match after group at the Hound Club in August. The match secretary is like the Show Chairman.  Sarah suggested that we should talk with Annemieke and continue this discussion on line.

Temperment Testing
Aubrey Beretta (Rescue/Oregon) is willing for us to use her property.  Debbie said she is concerned that we could have conflicts in trying to find a date because it takes at least 12 people, so all the stations can be filled during the test.

Barn Hunts
There are very few in Washington.  NWRRD could hold a seminar as a fundraiser.  Sarah has a location that is free of charge and the instructor is licensed with the Barnhunt Association and is willing to travel and hold the seminar.  This may also be a possibility for the Ridgeback  Fun Day weekend.

Sharee Schreiner has volunteered to do brags and new puppies for the web site.  If anyone would like to have Sharee post a brag/litter announcement or other information, they can contact Sharee at her home phone (360-835-9280) or her personal Email:shares@frontier.com.

New Business

Nominating Committee
Debbie said the Nominating Committee needs to meet before February 14th and that we need 3 members and 2 alternates.  She said we need to identify someone for the Recording Secretary position as Jennie has stated that her hearing problem is making it impossible for her to do the job.  Marykay, Jillyn, and Bruce will be the members and Becky and Gail will be the alternates.  Marykay will chair the committee.

Possible New Project
Jennifer Weikel presented information about a seminar she had attended on dog training and suggested that it might be a good project for our club to put on.  She provided handouts and said that she had talked with Lorraine and Aubrey about the possibility.  Betsy said she had attended one and she also felt that the presenter had done an excellent job.  There are two days with general content on the first day and agility on the second day.  Marykay suggested putting the information on the web site.  It was moved and passed that Jennifer should work on scheduling this seminar.  If we are able to schedule, it would need to be booked at least six months out and probably after the National Specialty.

Fun Day
Marykay said she wants ideas for our Fun Day which is scheduled as previously for the weekend after Mother’s Day (May 17 & 18) at Fido’s Farm in Lacey.  We will plan to reduce the time for the Annual Meeting by doing as much business as possible ahead of time on-line.

Supported Show
The location of our next Supported Show was discussed with the possibility of Monroe or Portland.  Sarah said the RRCUS requirements have been reduced and that she has the information.

Future Meetings
March 8th Seattle Kennel Club
May 18th Annual General Meeting at Fido’s Farm in Lacey
July ?? Meeting in conjunction with Centralia or Portland show

Respectfully submitted,

Jennie Piott, Recording Secretary
Final revision 3/7/14

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