Meeting minutes from November

November 16, 2013


The meeting of NWRRC was called to order by President Debbie Brower.

Members present were Debbie Brower, Sarah Falkner, Annemieke Price, Marykay Ligocki, Bruce Hubbert, Donna Hubbert, Betsy Metcalf, Joe Piott, Teri Kruse and Norm Kruse.

There was no President’s Report.

Treasurer’s Report is included in Agenda. We have income of $55 and expenses of 334.64, including donation to Rescue for $250.

It was moved by Sarah Falkner and seconded by Marykay Ligocki and  approved to approve the minutes as published.




Rescue (Lorraine Pedersen): I had a rescue booth at the Pet Pros in Bothell and was lucky enough to have a 6 year old beautiful male placed through that endeavor; Jim Demilte adopted him. He has had RR’s for 30 years and teaches Dressage. His friend saw Rudy and then brought Jim to meet him – talk about love at first sight! Jim has had Rudy for 3 weeks now, and Rudy is expanding his personality every day.
We currently have 3 dogs in need of homes – Jillian is a 6 year old ridgeless female that came in as a 4 week old puppy, with three ridgeless sisters, and has been returned to rescue. Rosalie is fostering her in Covington. She has high prey drive and cannot be placed in a home with cats or other small animals. Ok with other dogs and kids, school-aged kids best, due to her energy. She needs regular exercise and obedience training.

Moose and Mally are 8 years old, male and female, that are also being returned to rescue after 3 years in a home that no longer has time for them. It will be determined by foster parents Tiffany and Robert Berry if they can be separated – they are getting the dogs today (the 16th); they are in Ravensdale. More information will be available as it is known.

Zuzu is a 6 year old ridged female available through Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. Her sister and brother came into rescue at 4 1/2 months of age – both died 2 weeks later, a day apart, from heart issues. Yes, 5 months old, and died of heart issues. Marysue Hildebrandt fostered the girl, Erte, and the boy, Niles, was fostered by Bob and Kathy Johns, who have owned RR’s for many years (they are not club members). Zuzu apparently has no heart issues and is used to getting more exercise than she is now getting. She is with her owners in West Seattle (Alki). She is ok with other dogs, cats are unknown, and other dogs need to stand up for themselves around her. She is currently living with a Chessie and a Lab and does well with them.

We are looking for someone to take over as State Coordinator for Washington. Anyone interested or wanting more information, please let Lorraine know at ridgebacksrule@mindspring.com  425-377-9453

As always, we are looking for foster homes. And if you are looking for charities, don’t forget RRRI! Donations are tax deductible.

Sarah relayed that there are 2 dogs in at this time, neither with any special needs. Also, a “well known” BYB is back in the state in Eastern WA.


Lure Coursing: The following weekends are fully in order for next year: March 1-2 at Argus Ranch, July 26-27 at Roy and October 25-26 at Meadowbrook. We will be offering CAT testing at the ASFA lure coursing in March & July for both days.



New member application: first reading  for Debi and Ron Colton, 14410 160th Place NE Woodinville, WA 98072, 425-749-2949, debcolton@earthlink.net. They are interested in Lure Coursing, Agility, Obedience and Conformation.


Second reading, vote and approval for applicants Janus Maybee and Robert Luck from Roseburg, OR.


Unfinished Business:


Web site is coming along slowly. Minutes will be posted there.


Conformation Licence: Sanctioned Matches were discussed further. It was suggested that we might have one at the 2014 National. Teri Kruse will look in to this possibility. It was also discussed to possibly have our first Sanctioned B match (must be at least 6 months apart) at a show before March.  This is being looked into.


Temperament Testing: Teri Kruse and Jillyn Myers will look in to the availability of the local Head Tester and proceed with planning an Test, depending on availability of tester and venue.


Membership Application revisions: After discussion it was moved by Annemieke and seconded by Teri that as of January 1, 2014, applicants will need one sponsor signature OR contact the Board to seek a sponsor if they do not have one.


Future meetings: January @ Portland, March-??, May AGM/Fun Day May 18th.


New Business:


Sarah suggests we explore dates for a Barn Hunt event. These are moneymakers and a lot of fun for dogs and their people. Her parents have property for such an event, so the only expense to the club would be to pay the Evaluator ($50) and straw bales (which can be rented for a small fee).


Teri and Jillyn are sponsoring Puppy and Veteran Sweeps, as well as RRCUS Supported Entry on Saturday, January 25, 2014 in Portland.


Backtalk: Is anyone interested in taking over the club newsletter? The job description is to get information to Jeff or Beth for the web site.


Fun Day: MaryKay is working on it.  We have the Sunday after Mother’s Day in May reserved at Fido Farm. She is looking for educational ideas for Saturday.  If anyone has ideas, please contact Marykay.


It was moved by Bruce Hubbert and seconded by Debbie to adjourn at 1135.


Respectfully submitted by


Teri Kruse (stunt double Recording Secretary)

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