NWRRC Meeting minutes from September’s meeting

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Northwest Rhodesian Ridgeback Club General Meeting
Apple Harvest Weekend at the Chelan County Expo Center, Cashmere, WA
September 14, 2013

Roll Call
Members Present: Debbie Brower, Becky Dominick, Pat Hess, Elizabeth Moattar, Sarah Falkner, Joe and Jennie Piott, Betsy Metcalf, Marykay Ligocki, Bruce Hubbert and Norah Ormerod. Guests Present: Debi and Ron Colton

The meeting was called to order by Debbie Brower following the Saturday judging of Ridgebacks at the Wenatchee Kennel Club Show at the Chelan County Expo Center (Fairgrounds) in Cashmere, WA.

Minutes of Last Meeting
Bruce asked why the Treasurer’s report was not attached to the minutes. Jennie explained that she couldn’t make it work electronically and offered a hard copy. Pat or Jeff will try and get the Year End Treas. Report onto the web site following the minutes. Minutes of the August Annual Meeting were approved as posted on our website. The minutes are under the “news” heading on the website.

Report of the President
The President, Debbie Brower, called the meeting to order at 11:05 AM. Debbie said she has been approved as a Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator. Teri Kruse has done an apprenticeship for Temperament Testing. If the club is interested in looking into offering either of these in the future, we have options.

If anyone is interested in having their dog CGC tested, Karen Hanka of Eastside Dog Training in Woodinville can be contacted for that. Jeff or Pat are going to put that information on the website.

Report of the Treasurer
Pat stated that she has sent $250 of individually donated Rescue funds to RRRI. . She also said that Steve Kass, President of the Al Hound Club of Bellingham, has asked for names of judges that the Ridgeback Club might like to use for future AHCB dog shows in September. This marked the second reading of new members. They are Paul Woodrum, Bremerton, WA and Denise Matuszewski, Stanwood, WA. Pat said she has 2 applications for first reading. They are Janus Maybee from Roseburg and Robert Luck. Both Paul Woodrum and Denise Matuszewshi were voted in as new members. Janus & Robert’s applications were read and will be voted on at the next meeting.

Reports of Committees
There was no information from Lorraine.

Lure Coursing
Our club will share the first weekend in March 2014 for an ASFA trial at Argus Ranch with the Evergreen Basinji Club. Sarah said our trial has been approved for Sunday. The Basinji club will have the Saturday trial and we will have the Sunday Trial. Both days will have LC in the AM and a CAT test in the afternoon as a possible money maker.
A second ASFA trial is scheduled for the last weekend of July 2014 at the polo field at Roy. CAT testing will be offered on Saturday afternoon. All reservations and ASFA paperwork has been turned in and approved.
The last weekend of October 2014 an AKC trial is scheduled at Meadowbrook. Marykay stated that the third weekend of October would be better for her. Sarah said that she has scheduled the lure operators and judges. Sarah is still working on the paperwork for the Oct trial, but it is coming along nicely.
Sarah also provided an update on the ASFA II that is scheduled for the 3rd weekend in April I have this as the 3rd wkend in May??, 2015 at Meadowbrook. We need to make Carol Chittum an honorary member of NWRRC so that she can co-chair the II. The Board approved that action (voted Carol Chittum as an honorary member for 2 years) and Sarah will contact Carol to be sure she agrees to be co-chair.

Sarah said the Jeff is looking into a location with 80 acres in Orting as a possible location for future lure coursing.

By-Law Amendments
Pat said that per Jeff Falkner, the revised amendments were filed with AKC. The By-Laws have been ok’d and filed with AKC, no other action is needed at this time.

Unfinished Business
Membership Application Revisions
It was moved, seconded and passed that we add the RRCUS code of ethics
to our membership application & renewal forms. Betsy moved that the Code of Ethics should be initialed. Seconded and approved.
Nora said she thought we shouldn’t require sponsors and shared her experience. Elizabeth spoke to having sponsors. Joe indicated that he spoke to a backyard breeder at Petco. He also moved that we have new members attend two events. That motion did not pass. There was a lot of discussion on whether to require new membership applications to have sponsors or not. This motion was not voted on. It was agreed to table the discussion and vote until the next meeting at Monroe in November.

Bruce said we are an ASFA Licensed Specialty Club, not a member club. Joe said we can’t put on a show because we aren’t an All Breed club.

Web Site
Still needs work although Jeff, Pat and Beth Levine have been working on the Membership page and breeder list.

Temperament Testing
The club is still looking into the possibility of holding a test. We need to find both an evaluator and a location to hold the test.

Meeting Schedule:
Meetings are on Saturdays, approximately 1 hr after Ridgebacks are finished showing.
• November 16 at the Whidbey Island Kennel Club show in Monroe
• January 18 at the Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon in Portland
• There was discussion as to the possibility of having the March meeting be an on-line meeting of the Board only.
• May – Fun Day will be the Annual General Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennie Piott

Recording Secretary

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