NWRRC Minutes From March Meeting in Seattle


Northwest Rhodesian Ridgeback Club General Meeting

Seattle Kennel Club

March 9, 2013

10:18 am 


Roll Call

Members Present:      Pat Hess, Jeff Faulkner, Sarah Faulkner, Bruce Hubbert,

Elizabeth Moattar, Marykay Ligocki, Becky Dominik


Minutes of Last Meeting



Report of the President

Absent. Meeting conducted by Sarah Faulkner, Vice President


Report of the Corresponding Secretary

No report


Report of the Treasurer


NWRRC was required to make a damage deposit at Meadowbrook Farms for lure coursing, and at the Thurston County Fairgrounds for the Immersion Day activities. 


Reports of Committees


Fun and Immersion Days, May 18 & 19:

  • Immersion Day, May 18:  Danielle Sand and Mary Lynne Elliot will give an overview of Rhodesian Ridgebacks intended for the average Rhodesian Ridgeback owner.  Items covered will include history, standard, and structure.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own dog.  Lunch will be catered at $10/person. 
  • Fun Day, May 19: Activities include a conformation Fun Match, Nose Work demonstration, Herding, Lure Coursing, Agility Introduction, and off leash play.  Pot Luck, Annual General Meeting and Raffle will be at noon. 



  • The last couple of weeks have been good ones for rescue – 4 dogs have gone home, and 1 more will be headed home to Alaska this month.
  • Gunner, the 1 year old male that Rosalie has, will be the Alaskan-bound boy. He has some fear issues and is quite timid and the adopters in Alaska have dealt with this problem. They were in the Seattle area in January and met Gunner, and decided he was the dog for them and Gunner also thought that decision was a good one. The Richards plan to pick Gunner up on a road trip from AK to OK and back later this month. There will be plenty of time for bonding on that trip and when they get back to Alaska, Gunner’s training will begin – his confidence needs building.
  • Badger is a 2 year old male that came to us from New Mexico – dumped in a shelter in Azteca by people who had too many dogs. Badger was being fostered by Will Moojen, and a wonderful adopter in Oregon has him now – they live on a farm that backs up to national forest, and everyone in their family has dogs. Will took Badger down there, and there was a family barbecue and Gunner did really well – it was obvious that ALL the people are true dog people, and they have RR experience. Perfect home and perfect dog for it!
  • Bailey is a 9 year old female that was fostered by Tiffany and Robie Berry. She has been adopted by a couple in Bellingham – they recently lost their Camelot female and saw Bailey online and that was it for them! Bailey is a typical female RR – she wants everything on her own terms. She was raised by a man, so tends to be a Daddy’s Girl. but she’ll warm up to the lady of the house in time. Bailey took to Katrin and John like she had taken to nobody else at the Berry’s – and there are plenty of people coming and going with their doggy daycare/boarding business. She hopped right into their car and when they got home, she ran right to the front door. These dogs are smart and they know when they’re home!
  • Savannah is a 6 year old female who was a return to rescue. Svannah has severe separation anxiety and is incredibly destructive if people are not around; she was fostered by Kim Sayers. She found a wonderful home with Patricia and Earl in Bremerton – there is always someone home there, as it’s an extended family setting, with 3 generations of people there, and Patricia and Earl are retired. Savannah is now called Cupcake. And she fits that name quite well!
  • A 2 year old male boxer/RR mix named Tucker that was being fostered by Tracie Goecke, Rosalie’s daughter, has also found a home. Because he is a mix and ridgeless, I could not take him into RRRI, but I took him into my private rescue. Makaila and Steven are so happy to have him. Makaila has had 1 RR from CA rescue, and one RR mix – both were pets in her home as she was growing up. Tucker is settling in well with them, and since she’s in Everett, I am hoping that once Tucker has a recall, they will be able to join us for playdates.
  • I was emailed by a woman in Spokane who had taken in a female RR THAT DAY, and decided it wasn’t going to work out – in just a few hours! Conversation ensued – purebred ridged female liver nosed RR. Their dog was not accepting of her, but as I told her, one day isn’t long enough. Anyway, I had an approved adopter here who wanted her and this dog, Princess, looked a LOT like their dog, who came from a BYB in Idaho. Erica got in touch with the woman’s  husband, and they talked, she told him she was interested and talked about flying to Spokane and renting a car for the return trip with Princess. When she talked to him again, just 15 minutes later, he told her he’d found a home for her. His wife told me the home was with a woman and her elderly mother who lived near a campus that has a program where the students help local elderly people with their pets – well, I sure hope THAT works out!! This dog is only about 4 years old and her toenails are HORRIBLY long. I asked the woman who gave her away if the daughter will take Princess if something happens to the woman who took her and she can’t care for her anymore – no answer. Very disturbing situation and Erica would have been a great home for that dog. I do hope that Melissa will keep my contact information in case it doesn’t work out.
  • As always, we are still looking for foster homes!! We can never have too many!


Lure Coursing: 

  • ASFA Lure Coursing on March 30, 31 at Meadowbrook Farm.  There will be a new judge list.  Pot Luck will be held on the field. 
  • ASFA Lure Coursing on July 27, 28 on the Polo Field at Roy.  
  • Plan to have an AKC lure trial in October.



By Laws:

  • The last update has been made.  Will be sent out to board and members


Election of new members




Unfinished Business


Web Site:  Located at www.nwrrc.net.  Will continue to be improved.


CAT (Coursing Aptitude Test): 

  • Planning on using  a location at Monroe near Agility trials. 


Conformation Specialty Shows:

  • Bruce Hubbert was tasked to research the possibility and procedures for the club to become approved by AKC to hold conformation competition events.  His report is appended to these Minutes.
  • Participation of our members in conducting shows for conformation clubs is a plus. 
  • Conducting B-matches is the start of the process.  Time restraints and costs are minimal.
  • Further discussion is tabled until May.


New Business



  • Jeff Faulkner will attend the ASFA ACOD (ASFA Council of Delegates) on March 23, 24 in Denver Colorado.  This is the first ACOD after NWRRC has become a full member of ASFA.  We now have a voice and a vote. 


Meeting Schedule:

  • August 3 at the WWHA show in Auburn
  • September 14 at the Wenatchee Kennel Club show in Cashmere
  • November 16 at the Whidbey Island Kennel Club show in Monroe




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